About Our Organization
Sure Helpline Crisis Center provides intervention and prevention services. We seek to improve the quality of life for those victimized by sexual violence and to provide awareness in hopes of preventing incidents of sexual violence. Founded in 1971, we work closely with the community as a central resource for improving society's response to this violent crime. We are experts on a wide range of issues related to sexual violence. We provide services free of charge to all of the Imperial Valley.
Our Mission
Empowering individuals and families to build a community free from sexual, domestic, teen, interpersonal violence and prejudice by providing confidential, 24-hour crisis intervention, information, and referral services to all people regardless of age, sex, religion, national origin, or disability.
Crisis Services Pledge
We pledge to continue to provide quality services to survivors of sexual assault.  We will stand in the front line with our arms extended and hearts open to provide services 24-hours daily. We will provide a nurturing non-judgmental environment to all.

We pledge to honor survivors who have broken their silence and support those who have yet to find their voice